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Pensioner Newsletter


Your quarterly news update – December 2017


Message from the CEO / Principal Officer Sam Camilleri

2017 has certainly been an interesting and eventful year at the NJMPF.
Sam Camilleri, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Principal Officer shares some of his thoughts which defined 2017 in this edition.
I would love to start on a positive note and there have been a number of those, but in my opinion I would be failing in my fiduciary duties if you were not advised of a potential threat to your Pension Fund and its assets.

Your pension fund, the NJMPF is recognised as one, if not, the best pension fund in Local Government. Testament to that, are the number of prestigious awards that the Fund has won, which in summary are:
The KZN Standard Bank business award for best financial services company in KwaZulu-Natal, the Africa Investor award for African Pension Fund Initiative of the Year, the World Pension Summit award for design and planning, and the Best Practices Industry awards by the Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA) for good governance, best investment practices, excellence in communication strategy, financial education, best transformation strategy and trustee education. For over half a decade the NJMPF has been successful in its mission and obligation of providing cost effective and superior retirement services, which is reflected in its numerous awards. The NJMPF has notched up a commendable list of awards in the industry, both locally and internationally with a total of 21 awards during 2017. In this newsletter on the last page I will list all the 2017 awards. All our awards can also be viewed on our webpage:

Notwithstanding the recognition and esteem which members together with local and international retirement industry accords the NJMPF, ARE YOU AWARE THAT?
The South African Local Government Bargaining Council (SALGBC), which Bargaining Council comprises SALGA (Employer) and the Trade Unions (IMATU & SAMWU) – (Employee Representative), are currently bargaining on a retirement fund collective agreement, which if implemented under its current proposals would have a serious impact on the function and existence of your Fund, and in turn, it threatens the very pension that you have worked so hard for over all the years in Lo-cal Government.

• Your Board is working diligently and tirelessly at local and national levels to protect your rights and interests; and
• The NJMPF will continue to protect the Members and Pensioners vested rights.
Your future benefits, that of the Retirement and Superannuation Funds, might be dramatically changed, perhaps reduced or even stopped. In view thereof, the Board and I strongly recommended that each member considers the following.
This is one battle where we also need the assistance of every Member (employee) and Pensioner.

• Ensure that your trade union constituency shop steward, and/or regional shop steward and/or shop stewards at national level (NEC) be held accountable to ensure that the members future pension promise be protected; and
• Request that your trade union does not enter into a Collective Agreement on the current pension fund restructuring proposals, until each member of the trade union has been balloted.


• Contact your local Mayor and ask (after all they were elected to serve their constituents) if he/she has been consulted on the SALGBC restructuring proposals; and
IF NOT, request from the Mayor concerned to explain how the Employer at national level (South African Local Government Association – SALGA) obtained its mandate, which will have a dramatic effect on the employees.
Why not join the Retired Municipal Employees Association (RMEA)? Please remember in UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH but DIVIDED we FALL.
The RMEA, to which many of you belong, fully supports the above and is also fighting at local and national level to protect your rights and interests. (Contact the Secretary of the RMEA at / 031-5642909 or Dave Rogers at / 0317653995).


The NJMPF’s Annual Feedback Meeting (AFM) takes place on the 2nd of March 2018. The AFM will be held at the City Hill Church Hall, 9 Greenmeadow Lane, Hillcrest commencing at 10:00 am and ending at approximately 13:00 pm. Only Members and Pensioners of the NJMPF and Municipal Councillors are eligible to attend the AFM.


Top quartile investment results
The Funds’ investment returns this year relative to the investment markets and the long-term benchmarks set by the Committee of Management have showed pleasing performance.
In our Provident Fund R1 million invested since 1 January 2000 has grown to R 9,5 million by 31 March 2017.


• A Special Bonus has been approved by the Committee of Management, the bonus will be equivalent to 50% of your monthly pension and it was payable with the November 2017 pension payment. Should you need clarity, please call 0312795300.
• Winners of the NJMPF’s ‘Pensioner Update Information’ Competition have been announced. To view the winners, please visit our webpage on
• To get TIPS for the festive season and more on our financial literacy programme, kindly visit our webpage, follow us on our social media platforms and download our mobile application.


Pensioner Increases (Superannuation and Retirement Funds)
The NJMPF continues to provide inflation beating pension increases. Since July 2015 our Pensioners have received pension increases totalling 25.92%.
Increases in recent years awarded to our pensioners;
• A full CPI increase of 6.07% with effect from the 1st of July 2015,
• A special increase of 8.33% in January 2016, effectively a permanent 13th cheque,
• A full CPI increase of 4.68% with effect from the 1st of July 2016,
• A full CPI increase of 6.84% with effect from the 1st of July 2017.
In addition to the increases, pensioners receive ad hoc bonuses from time to time based on investment returns.
These increases and bonuses surpass inflation and reflect an improved standard of living for our Pensioners.


The National Credit Regulator (NCR) encourages spending wisely this festive season, overspending during the festive season is easy because of the year-end excitement. Beware of how you spend your money during this time. If you want to begin the year in a financially sound position, make sure you;
• Budget for necessities, gifts and December expenses,
• Shop around for cheaper options,
• Avoid unnecessary credit, and
• Remember to save for January expenses.
Follow these simple steps above and feel the difference in your pocket this festive.

Reminder: To ensure that your monthly pension doesn’t get suspended, remember to complete your declaration form, attach your certified ID copy and submit to the NJMPF by the end of the month following your birth month.