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Your quarterly news update – June 2017



Welcome to the second issue of the member newsletter for 2017.


Your Fund In Your Pocket

In our March newsletter, we advised members to be on the lookout for the NJMPF Mobile Application (App). The NJMPF are excited to announce that the App has been launched. Members are invited to download the App which is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. If you require assistance with downloading the Mobile App, call the NJMPF’s Client Service section on 031 279 5300 or 0861 065 673 or email

We are hoping the App becomes part of your everyday life. Some of the benefits  of downloading and using the App include: –

· NJMPF members have direct access to their Fund information in the palm of their hand, anywhere and anytime,

· Instant communication between the NJMPF and members,

· All the information available on the NJMPF website will be available on the App,

· The navigation through the App will be made easy,

· Regular updates on financial literacy information will  be made available.

 Don’t be left out – download the app today and stay connected to your Fund.


Elections of Provident Fund Trustees

We previously communicated that the manner and process which allows for the voting and election of the Board of Trustees was changing. The Fund currently awaits promulgation of the NJMPF Bills and once these are authorised by Provincial Government and the Financial Services Board, the election process will commence. Members are also urged to update or verify their contact details with the NJMPF to ensure that you receive all correspondence when the election and voting process commences.

International Industry Recognition

NJMPF is proud to have been recognised at the 2017 Capital Finance International ( awards programme in the following categories;

These awards show that the NJMPF remains consistent to it’s vision of providing superior retirement services and reveals how the NJMPF is improving member outcomes.




REMINDER – Member Benefit Statements

Don’t forget that your benefit statement will be sent to your Human Resources (HR)     Department together with this newsletter. The new format of the benefit statement shows detailed individual benefit values and a Net Replacement Ratio (NRR) explanation.




A member’s benefits payable in terms of the rules of the fund may not be reduced, transferred or otherwise ceded, pledged or subjected to any form of execution. However, there are exceptions of allowable      deductions in terms of section 37D of the Pension Fund Act. In this issue we focus on Divorce Orders.

The spouse of a member may claim his/her share of the member’s fund benefit according to the Decree of Divorce. The amount of the benefit due is usually described as a percentage of the full benefit – for     example; 50% instead of a rand amount. The non-member spouse may claim the benefit whilst the       member is a current member of the Fund. In previous years, a non-member spouse would have had to wait for the member to exit the Fund before being able to claim.

The following documents must be submitted to the Fund when claiming:

· Final Decree of Divorce mentioning the full name of the Fund a member belongs to;

  • Natal Joint Municipal Pension Fund (Superannuation),
  • Natal Joint Municipal Pension Fund (Retirement),
  • KwaZulu-Natal Joint Municipal Provident Fund.

· Divorce claim form,

· Certified copy of the non-member spouse’s identity document (ID)

· Certified copy of marriage certificate,

· Original stamped bank statement,

· Non-member spouse’s tax number.

For further details, please contact your certified financial planner or the Fund to get clarity on the legalities regarding a Divorce.

Non-members should also be aware of the tax implications when it comes to a Divorce claim. 





According to the South African Financial Planning Handbook 2017, “in order for the retirement planner to formulate a sustainable retirement plan for a client, he/she needs to have a good knowledge of the application of investment planning, tax planning, annuity planning and product knowledge to formulate it properly.

 There are several surveys published regularly in South Africa on the state of the population’s attitudes and readiness for retirement. The results have tended to be consistent, for example, several years ago, a survey was performed on a representative sample of 65-years-olds, and the following startling facts were uncovered;

· 47% were dependent on relatives,

· 31% were forced to continue working,

· 16% were dependent on a state pension, and

· 6% were financially independent.

This situation has not changed much since, as the ravages of inflation and taxation have worsened over the years. These figures clearly illustrate the dire need for retirement planning, and would intimate that almost every person that meets with a financial planner requires advice regarding their future retirement.”

In the next issue of the member newsletter we will look at the three stages of retirement planning.





To ensure you receive our newsletters, important notices and upcoming Provident Fund Trustee election correspondence, please send us your current contact details;

 · Cellphone number,

· Postal address, and

· Email address.

 You can contact Client Services on 031 279 5300

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