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Claim Procedures

All the information and forms required for Claims may be found on this page


The information provided will give an overview of the claim procedures and documentation required for lump sum/gratuity payments of benefits for Resignations/Dismissals, Retrenchments, Ill Health, Early Retirements and Normal Retirements.

The Fund may make certain deductions off members benefits in terms of Sections 37D of the Pension Funds Act:- Outstanding housing/home loans with financial institutions; amounts due to the Municipality who suffered a loss through fraud and Court Orders.


Documents Required

Documents required before the Fund can start calculating a Member’s Benefit:

  • Certified copy of the Member’s Identity Document
  • Stamped bank statement(not older than 3 months)
  • Completed claim form
  • Tax reference number


If you are going through a divorce the information below provides you with important requirements.

The following documents have to be submitted to the Fund in the case of divorce:

· Final Decree of Divorce must mention the name of the fund which the member belongs to:
Natal Joint Municipal Pension Fund (Superannuation) or
Natal Joint Municipal Pension Fund (Retirement) or
KwaZulu Natal Joint Municipal Provident Fund
· Certified copy of settlement agreement (if one was reached)
· Certified copy of the Member’s Identity Document

We need to receive the documents listed below for the non-member spouse:

· Certified copy of the Ex-Spouse’s Identity Document
· Certified copy of the Marriage Certificate
· Stamped bank statement(not older than 3 months)
· Ex-Spouse’s tax reference number
· Claim form completed by the Ex-Spouse


  • A registered fund may deduct any tax amount due on a benefit and pay over to SARS in accordance with the Income Tax Act, 1962 (Act 58 of 1962).
  • It is important for members to be aware that all lump sum benefits are subject to tax based on the tax rates as per SARS.
  • Presently (tax year 2015/2016) the tax free portion allowed by SARS on Retirement is R500,000.00 and on Resignations and Dismissals R25,000.00