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Funeral Aid Scheme

Funeral Aid Scheme


The funeral cover is granted without proof of insurability. The package consists for the following benefits:

  • The principal member R35 000
  • His/her qualifying spouse R35 000
  • Qualifying child aged 14 and over * R35 000
  • Qualifying child between 6 and 13 * R17 500
  • Qualifying child younger than 6 * R 8 750


* There is no maximum number of children that may be covered.

Maximum entry age

  • Principal member: 65 years
  • Qualifying spouse: 75 years


All cover ceases

  • When the principal member dies; or
  • When the principal member is no longer an employee; or
  • When the principal member attains the ceasing age of 65 years; or
  • If the monthly premium is not paid in respect of each member; or
  • If the scheme ends

whichever occurs first.


Claims Process

Sanlam must be notified of a claim for the benefit within 6 (six) months after the death of the principal member or family member.
The benefit is payable within 48 (forty-eight) hours of receipt of the final supporting documentation.

Claim documents required
Completed and signed claim form and the following supporting documents:

  • A copy of the “Application for funeral benefit” form
  • The original official death certificate or an original certified copy of the official death certificate, certified by a Commissioner of Oaths other than the Commissioner of Oaths of the employer concerned;
  • An original certified copy of the Notification / Registration of Death / Still Birth (83/BI – 1663) form;
  • An original certified copy of the identity document of both the insured and the beneficiary;
  • A Bank certified copy of the beneficiary’s bank statement.


Additional (to the above) in the case of a qualifying spouse:

  • An original certified copy of the marriage certificate. in the case of a marriage recognised as a customary marriage, a certificate of registration or an affidavit in respect of a customary marriage (we may also insist on affidavits by two persons who attended the marriage ceremony);
  • In the case of a union where two persons lived together as if married, an affidavit stating that neither one of the couple living together is married, and they were in a union living together as if they were married, with the commitment of doing so permanently, and that they had been doing so for at least six months prior to the death of the deceased; and an original certified copy of the identity document of the deceased spouse.


Additional (to the above) in the case of a qualifying child:

  • In the case of a stillborn child, together with the Notification/ Register of Death/ Still Birth (83/BI – 1663) form, we also require a letter from the doctor in attendance or the hospital, confirming the duration of the gestation period;
  • An original certified copy of the identity document of the deceased child; if the surnames of the insured and the qualifying child differ, a sworn affidavit stating that the deceased child was the insured’s or the spouse’s child;
  • if a qualifying child is unmarried and over the age of 21 years, but under the age of 26 years, proof of full-time attendance at an approved educational institution; and
  • a medical certificate in the case of a qualifying child over the age of 21 years who is incapacitated by a physical or mental infirmity from maintaining himself/ herself.

Burial repatriation benefit

We recognise the importance of assisting family members during a time of loss. The Burial Repatriation Benefit is a service that allows for the transport of the deceased member’s body back home to the final funeral home closest to their place of burial in South Africa, if the death occurred far from his/her home.

Free Service

This is a free service, available at the death of the member.

What does the service offer you?

The service includes

  • Transport of the deceased

    Via road or air, to the funeral home closest to the place
    of burial in South Africa, transport is available from
    anywhere in South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland,
    Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia or Mozambique (south of
    the 22° latitude):

  • Accompanying the deceased
    If death occurs in South Africa, the service also allows for
    • transportation arrangements for a single relative to accompany the mortal remains to the final funeral home; and
    • overnight accommodation* for a single relative.

    * Subject to limitation

  • Special cultural preferences
    We have taken into account that the surviving family may
    have special cultural preferences regarding the transportation
    of the deceased and we will ensure that special care is taken
    to meet these preferences.

  • Other services
    Other services, which are aimed at simplifying the death/burial for the family, include:
    • assistance and advice on claims procedures is provided to the surviving family;
    • if necessary, legal assistance can be arranged to assist with the interpretation of the Will and the management of the necessary documentation;
    • advice will be provided on matters such as obtaining a death certificate and cross-border documentation;
    • referral to a pathologist will be made if an autopsy is necessary;
    • referral to reputable funeral parlours and providers of other funeral services such as catering and transport can be made, and clients benefit from our experience and knowledge of suitable providers; and
    • assistance can be provided when looking for a tombstone supplier.

  • How to arrange for this service
    These services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The member’s next of kin can access this benefit, either by themselves or via the member’s employer, by calling our 24-our specialised call centre on 086 0004 080. Calls can be answered in any one of the official South African languages.

    The information required to process the claim:

    • Name and ID number of the deceased
    • Name and code of fund or employer scheme
    • Place where death occurred



Funeral Aid Scheme Forms

Click to access a Claim Form or call 086 0004 080