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Death Benefits

The Fund is governed by Section 37C of the Pension Fund Act. The Act ensures that benefits are paid out equitably to all dependants of the deceased whether they are factual or legal dependants. The nominations of the deceased are taken into consideration, however the Board of Trustees is not compelled to adhere to the members wishes.


Upon the death of a member

All reasonable steps must be taken to identify potential beneficiaries. The Act allows the Fund 12 months to conduct investigations to identify and locate dependants and nominees of the deceased. -If the Fund cannot identify or trace any dependants and nominees within the 12 month period, the Fund may pay the benefit to the estate of the deceased.


Allocation of benefits

 The board takes the following into consideration to distribute a benefit equitably:

  • Age of dependants
  • Relationship with the deceased
  • Extent of dependency
  • The amount available for distibution
  • Future earning capacity (when will the dependant be able to take care of him/herself)


Death Claim Requirements

Upon the death of a member we would require the following documents.  Additional documents may be requested


  • Certified copy of Death Certificate
  • Certified copy of Identity Documents (for all claimants and the deceased)
  • Certified copy of Marriage Certificate
  • Certified copy of Birth Certificate (all minor children)
  • Stamped Bank Statement (not older than 3 months)
  • Guardian Assessment Form (if minors are involved in the claim)
  • Claim form to be completed in its entirety and the official stamp of the Commissioner of Oaths to reflect where indicated
  • If claimants are older than 18 years- they must complete their own claim form
  • ONLY SF: children who are minors or studying and under the age of 26, qualify to receive a monthly pension. Please provide the child’s tax number.
  • Tax number of the widow (only for SF and RF)
  • Tax number of the deceased
  • Affidavit listing the claimants and confirming that there are not other dependants.
  • In order for the Fund to identify the claimant child as the child of the deceased, the following documents will be required:1. An affidavit from the childs paternal relative2.An affidavit from the childs maternal relative

    3.An affidavit from an independent person (Municipal Manager / Head of HR at the Employer municipality / Local Pastor or Priest / Induna / Tribal Chief / Councillor / Teacher or Family Doctor) stating that the child is the child of the deceased member


    The full birth certificate will still be accepted by the Fund should it be made available by the claimants.
    We may require additional documents if need be.




Guardian’s Assessment

The assessment is required to establish if a guardian is in a position to administer the funds on behalf of the minor for a pro-longed period of time.

It is compulsory for each guardian to complete this form when claiming on behalf of a minor.